Aromatherapy diffuser Humidifier
Aromatherapy diffuser Humidifier
Aromatherapy diffuser Humidifier
Aromatherapy diffuser Humidifier
Aromatherapy diffuser Humidifier
Aromatherapy diffuser Humidifier

Aromatherapy diffuser Humidifier

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  • The large area spreading mist- Thanks to the new modern ultrasonic technology   Diffuser  Humidifier produces an ultra-thin and soft aromatherapy mist that is    evenly spread throughout the space and brings comfort and freshness.
  • Quiet working condition, no noise, more relaxed and comfortable-This Humidifier gives you a Aromatherapy Atmosphere with it simple and refined design, colored lighting atmosphere and quiet comfortable companionship.
Adjustable color tube atmosphere- In the darkness, the light shines on the fog, like candlelight, beautiful and elegant.
  • Switch the lights with a short press of the button, choose 7 colors, choose your favorite color, and create a romantic atmosphere. Add the right amount of aroma, the perfect combination of vision and smell to create a pleasant experience.
  •  PREMIUM MATERIALS - In our Humidifier we use only the most ultra-light, modern,   safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive, reliable and environmentally friendly materials. The   Humidifier has a unique ultrasonic diffuser. The air humidifier is made of high-   strength, high-tech materials. These materials provide incredible durability.

  Our Aromatherapy diffuser has a huge capacity, but will work as long as oil diffusers    with bigger capacity and consumption. This makes our  diffuser more economical to    operate. 

   Small size, large energy- The volume is not particularly large, will not take up too        much space, but the performance is still very good, 380ml capacity, in the indoor          temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, continue to work for 12 hours.When the tank is      short of water, the red light prompts for 10 seconds, and the intelligent power              outage, rest assured that the use of peace of mind experience. Water level                    monitoring sensor, There will be a red light reminder when the water tank is short of    water, Prevent dry burning sensors.
 Package content: 
                  1 x 380ml aroma diffuser 
                  1 x charger adapter 
                  1 x user manual
                  1 x Certification


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Customer Reviews

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Lonzo Gutmann

Very good!!!

Ressie Volkman

A small humidifier that you can put in your car and doesn't take long. Silent diffuser.

Jacky Von

Very fast delivery, the device is cute, small and very quiet

Enos Smitham


Trace Ruecker

It's an excellent product, at the moment it works very well, it's very nice and quiet, fast shipping